Tips To Quickly Organize Your Home In 30 Minutes

Organize Your Home

Organize Your Home

Our friends at the wonderful store Bed, Bath and Beyond recently tweeted a blog written by Megan Mostyn-Brown.  It has some fantastic tips on how to de-clutter a space in 30 minutes!  You read right – 30 minutes.

Ready, Set, Go

Ms. Mostyn-Brown breaks the 30 minutes down into small manageable time fragments.  Here are a few examples of how she segments that time:


  • Give 5 minutes for the task of simply taking the whole scene in.
  • Take 2 minutes to gather up items that aren’t in their proper place.
  • Devote 7 minutes to organizing one small area.  Even I can give 7 minutes to getting a small area of my house neat and organized.  That’s easy!


Home Organized?  Next Step:  Clean Your Carpets


Get Organized In No Time Flat

The thing to remember is that you aren’t going to organize your entire house in one day.  You don’t really even need a goal of organizing an entire room in that time either.  Who enjoys looking at a project and, instead of seeing all of the progress that has been made, seeing all of the future projects that need work?  It makes me want to forget de-cluttering all together and go sit and have a cup of coffee instead!  But, this process takes that frustration out of it.  If you only have 30 minutes of organization to focus on, then you can meet that goal quickly and go relax.


I hope you will try these 30 minute de-cluttering tips.  I know I am going to put them into effect in my home!  After you get your house organized, stop and take a look around.  How does it feel to have a place for everything and everything in its place?  Feels pretty good doesn’t it.  Now, I had better get to work on organizing my desk…


Do you have any quick de-cluttering tips that you didn’t see on the list?  Let us know about them in our comments section.  We would love to hear from you so we can all stay organized!

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