Tips On How To Safely Deep Fry A Turkey

Next week is it…we will sit down to a big table full of tasty treats and give thanks for all that we hold dear in our lives. And, then…many of us will fall asleep on the couch watching football! Some of you may go out in the middle of the night searching for that perfect bargain on Black Friday. Not me…I’ll be asleep. But, good luck – I hope you find what you’ve been looking for and get it at a great price.

But, let’s back up for a minute. Let’s talk about those tasty treats that we will fill our bellies with. The star of the show is usually the turkey and frying turkeys has become a popular cooking method. So, let’s look at how to do just that…safely!

Tips To Consider When Frying A Turkey        

According to our friends at Butterball, frying a turkey can make it delicious but it is important to follow instructions on how to do it carefully. You want to be careful to protect yourself and your property. So, please make sure you understand exactly what you need to do before you begin frying. You don’t want to find out too late that you skipped a step or rushed the process and were unsafe.

Please click here for the complete instructions on how to fry a turkey. goes into complete detail and you should follow their instructions to the letter.

I would like to point out a few safety issues to keep in mind:

  • gives directions for frying inside. But, this is Central Texas and our temperatures are mild enough. Do yourself a favor and take it outside…far away from structures like your home and garage. You’ve all heard me say that your home is your biggest investment. Let’s not burn it down when we should be celebrating!
  • Never leave your deep fryer unattended.   In fact, I encourage you to fry using the “buddy system” just in case you need a helping hand. Thanksgiving is about visiting with friends and family anyway. So, grab someone and ask them to hang out with you while you cook.
  • Always measure how much oil will be needed by placing the thawed turkey in the basket and covering it with water. The top of the turkey should barely be covered. Then, remove the turkey and measure the water line and use this as your guide for how much oil will be needed.
  • Make sure your turkey is completely thawed (frozen parts could create a splash and, ultimately, start a fire) and pat it down with dry paper towels.
  • When it is time to lower the turkey into the fryer, make sure to turn the fryer off temporarily and very slowly lower the basket in. This will help prevent the oil from boiling over.
  • Consider the type of oil you will need to use. tells us that you will need to consider the oil’s smoke point when choosing your frying oil.
  • And, remember…don’t ever throw water on a grease fire! This will make it worse. You want to smother a grease fire but that is going to be hard to do with a large overflowing pot like a turkey fryer. So, please have the appropriate fire extinguisher nearby. Click here for an interesting video in which firefighters filled the fryer with too much oil (a very common mistake).

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Make It A Delicious Holiday!

So, I hope these reminders of how to stay safe when frying your turkey have helped. Again, please visit the websites for step by step instructions. But, I felt it necessary to point out some of the important safety issues.

For some tasty turkey frying recipes, check out these websites:

Food Network: Paula Deen
Food Network: Alton Brown

Be Safe and Happy Frying!

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