Tips On Buying A Vacuum For Your Home

Buying a Vacuum in Austin TX“Hooray! It’s time to vacuum!” said no one…anywhere… ever. Vacuuming is a chore and I don’t know anyone who enjoys it. Sure – you can put in your earbuds and crank up your favorite “house cleaning playlist” and dance around while you vacuum. You might even forget for a moment that you are vacuuming and actually trick yourself into believing that you are having fun. But when it comes down to it, you are cleaning. As much as we don’t enjoy it, what can make it even worse is when you’ve done all of that heavy lifting and pushing and pulling of the vacuum and then it doesn’t actually pick up the dirt. Uh oh! It might be time to buy a new vacuum.

Now What?
Ok – so your cleaning dance moves just came to an abrupt halt. Now what do you do? Well, if you go wander down the vacuum aisle at your local superstore you’re going to see a lot of different brand names with makes and models offering all types of features and attachments. You can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. Do your homework first. Who do we like to turn to when we need to compare tools for our home? Consumer Reports! Click here for a link to their vacuum section.

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Get What You Need
Not all vacuums are alike because not all homes and cleaning needs are alike. Consumer Reports notes that certain types of vacuums are better in certain situations. For example:

• Uprights work best for carpets
• Canisters are easier to maneuver so look to these if you have stairs
• A brush on/off switch can help protect bare floors

They go on to say that noise should also be considered when buying a vacuum. You should also consider your specific needs when thinking about bag vs. bagless. Consumer Reports reminds us that, while bagless saves money on buying bags, the vacuum will still require a filter and emptying the bin can irritate those with asthma or allergies.

There are many details to consider when buying a vacuum and, just like your home and the type of cleaning the vacuum will be doing, it is very specific to you. It helps to review the types of vacuums before you go shopping and know what you are going to need before you walk into the store. Don’t be swayed by the bright colors and fancy marketing. Your dance partner doesn’t have to have the highest price or the trendiest look, but it does have to pick up the dirt in your home!

And, if you find after vacuuming that your floor just isn’t as clean as you would like it to be, please give us a call or click to schedule an appointment online. We’ll be happy to steam clean your carpets and have them back to their beautiful dance floor condition. Happy vacuuming!
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