Tips on Buying A Rug For Your Home

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In my line of work I see a lot of floors – carpet, hardwood, tile, etc. I also see nicely decorated homes. Chances are if you are using one of my cleaning services in Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock or the surrounding areas, you probably care about how your home looks. You want it to look nice. One way to decorate is through the use of rugs.

Where Do I Start?

There are many types of rugs to choose from and several things should be considered when purchasing one.  First, do your homework!  Our friends at The Home Depot have compiled a detailed list of items to keep in mind before you go shopping.  They are:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Fiber
  • Care

When deciding which floor covering is right for your home, you need to consider what type of décor you want your room to have – cozy, modern, traditional, etc.  Then, look at the size of your room to determine the size of the rug you need.  Next comes the fiber of the rug – a natural or a synthetic type.  You will want to consider how much wear your rug will receive as well as cost.  There are many types of fibers and the cost will range accordingly.  Rugs that are knotted by hand will also affect cost.  Finally, you will want to think about the care that will be needed before purchasing a rug.  Rugs can be big investments and you will want to keep it looking its best.

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Go Online!

Another great way to shop for floor coverings is to look online.  Many retailers show their products on their websites so you can get a feel for what styles and colors you like before you go into the store.  You can also see what they might have in stock and ready to take home or what will have to be special ordered.  Of course you probably want to see at least a small version of the rug you are interested in inside the store so you can see the colors and feel the weave.


I also like Pinterest for ideas of what others are using in their homes.  I have pinned some different rug types to my decorating board on Pinterest.  Maybe you’ll see one that inspires you!

Your Floor Should Be Beautiful!

I hope my tips on what to consider when purchasing an area rug have helped you get ready to buy something beautiful for your home. And, if you find yourself throwing a rug over a stain on your carpet, call us. We can help! Use your area rug for décor – not to hide stains. Enjoy your home and your floors.

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