Tips For Getting Your Tile and Grout Cleaned

tile and grout cleaningThe holidays are fast approaching and with it comes holiday party hosting. Family and friends will be gathering in your home soon! Now, take a look at your tile and grout. Does it look as clean as the day you had it installed? Dirt and grime over time build up and need to be cleaned. And, before the holidays is a perfect time to have that done. It’s an easy process…simply call us at Austin Steam It! But, even though that’s really all you have to do and we will gladly take care of the rest…I thought you may want to know what happens once we show up at your door.

What Should I Expect When Having My Tile and Grout Cleaned?

  1. First, Austin Steam It is going to arrive on time (sometimes even a few minutes early) to get started on your home. We will call you to let you know that we are headed your way.
  2. A trained, professional technician will arrive wearing a shirt that clearly states Steam It. This way you can feel confident that you are allowing the correct service personnel into your home.
  3. Then, our technician will listen to your concerns. He/she will walk through your home with you and make sure that they understand exactly what you would like to have cleaned.
  4. It is recommended you pre-sweep your floor before we arrive just to remove any loose dirt.
  5. The technician may ask some questions regarding the length of time between cleanings, sealant on your floors, etc. to better understand the materials and expected outcomes they will be working with.
  6. Your Austin Steam It technician will then speak with you regarding expected outcomes and expectations. Some materials may require a deeper cleaning or may need additional services. We like to set the expectations at the beginning. We strive for excellence and want the client to be highly satisfied when the job is complete.
  7. Once you and your technician have spoken about the work you would like to have done, your technician will write up a quote.
  8. Upon review of your quote, once you let your technician know which services you would like performed…he/she will get started.

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  1. Our technician will evaluate what type of tile you have and how best to clean it. Some tiles are more porous than others and will not clean as easily. Our trained technicians know the difference and how to handle your home’s particular situation!
  2. We will run our equipment through your home very carefully always remembering we are a guest in your home. Our equipment is attached and powered by our vans (so we will need to park in your driveway to be as close to your home as possible please).
  3. When our equipment is running, you will hear some noise. It sounds like a loud vacuum. It may slightly alarm pets (but they may find it intriguing as well!) The noise usually doesn’t need to last long.
  4. First we will put a heated emulsifier on the tile and grout to begin to break down all of that dirt and grime. The longer it sits, the more “gunk” it will take off.
  5. Then, we will bring in the Austin Steam It clean machine. Our technician will get to work on your tile and grout and you will begin to see results immediately. Your grout that had years of age showing will begin to look brand new.
  6. The technician will clean up the equipment and see if you have any questions regarding the process.
  7. Upon making sure that you are completely satisfied, our technician will accept your payment for our services.
  8. Finally, we hope that you loved our tile and grout cleaning service so much that you will recommend us to your family and friends! Please click here and “like” us on Facebook. And follow us on Twitter by clicking here.

Let The Party Begin!

Now that your home is sparkling you are ready to entertain for the holidays! I hope these tips on what to expect when having your tile and grout cleaned are helpful. The process really is as simple as calling (512) 202-3808 and setting up a day and time to have one of our professionally trained technicians come out. But, I wanted to give you a little more insight on what to expect once Austin Steam It arrives at your door.

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