Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for the New Year

Snowy Streets House Cleaning Austin TXWell, the holidays are over.  The lights are down…the gifts have all been opened… family has gone home.  I saw a cartoon on Facebook the other day showing a snowman all excited in December standing next to a Christmas tree so beautifully lit.  The snowman was happy, smiling and it was a joyous scene.  Then, the cartoon showed January in the next frame.  The tree was brown and missing most of its branches.  The lights were falling off and the snowman was sad and looked like more of a lump of snow instead of a happy, little character.  The sky in the cartoon (although still snowing as in the first frame) was darker, greyer, and just overall gloomier.  It’s funny how that happens.  We love the cold during the holidays but tend to be “over it” after.

So, the New Year is a great time to look at the inside of our homes (since it is probably too cold to go outside anyway) and start doing some things now to fix them up.

Lots of Little Things

January is a great time to start freshening items in your home or even replacing things that have seen too much wear and tear.  Let’s take a look at some things we can be working on now.  Then, when Spring Cleaning hits, we are ahead of the game and don’t have as much to do.

Our friend, Penny Jackson, owner of Penny’s Personal Touch Cleaning Services (who we highly recommend if you need high-quality cleaning in your home in the Austin area) discusses some of the items that she and her wonderful team notice on a daily basis as needing replacing.  Here are a few that she lists should be replaced:

  • Sheet sets
  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Toilet seats
  • Bed pillows

That’s a great list to start.  Those are items that we use every day – sometimes multiple times a day – and take for granted because they are just always there for us.  But, even with deep cleaning, they wear out and need replacing.

After you have replaced those items and the others that are mentioned in Ms. Jackson’s blog article, you may want to look around your home and see what other types of things you can “spruce up” now before the sun comes out and we all want to be working outside in our yards instead.

Take a look at the following items and see if they need your attention as well:

  • Caulk windows that might be allowing the cold air in and the warm air out
  • Plug nail holes and touch up paint
  • Touch up baseboards with paint
  • Frame pictures and hang on the walls
  • Change out your accessories just to have a different “look” in your home
  • Get your carpet and tile professionally cleaned
  • Get your air ducts professionally cleaned

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A Little Work Goes A Long Way!

I hope between the tips that Ms. Jackson offers in her blog as well as my additional tips you have a good start on getting your home ready for spring while you wait out the cold winter.  So, get busy!  Look around the inside of your home instead of looking outside at the dreary, cold, grey day.  Make your own sunshine inside by brightening up the products in your home and you will be one step closer to being ready for spring planting.  It’s right around the corner – so get the inside ready so that you can start working on the outside.  Have fun!

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