The Twelve Days of House Cleaning

Since it’s the holiday season and 12/12/12 today, I have the Twelve Days of Christmas running through my head. Then I started to think – who in the world needs (or even wants) all of these things? Well, except for maybe the 5 gold rings….

You may not need eight Maids A-Milking, but there are a few things many homeowners probably have on their wish lists. So, without further ado, allow me to present to you (drumroll, please)….

The Twelve Days of House Cleaning!

Twelve Plumbers Plumbing

The Twelve Days of House Cleaning

Eleven Painters Painting

Ten Loads of Laundry

Nine Window Washers

Eight Maids A-Sweeping

Seven Dusters Dusting

Six Bathroom Scrubbers

Five Minutes Peace!

Four Grouters Grouting

Three Dish Washers

Two Pounds of Soap

And a Carpet Cleaner named Mike P!

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