Tips For Getting Your Tile and Grout Cleaned

The holidays are fast approaching and with it comes holiday party hosting. Family and friends will be gathering in your home soon! Now, take a look at your tile and grout. Does it look as clean as the day you had it installed? Dirt and grime over time build up and need to be cleaned. And, before the holidays is a perfect time to have that done. It’s an easy process…simply call us at Austin Steam It! But, even though that’s really all you have to do and we will gladly take care of the rest…I … [Read more...]

12 Days of Special Offers from Austin Steam It!

net_efekt via photopin cc We’ve all heard the song a bunch of times…”The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  But who really wants all that stuff?  What in the world would someone do with all of those birds running around?  And, I don’t really want that many “Lords a Leaping” through my house – thanks anyway!   How about a 12 Days of Christmas offer that you really want!  I am pleased to announce Austin Steam It’s 12 Days of Special Offers.  Call us at (512) 202-3808 or click to schedule on … [Read more...]