Protect Your Biggest Investment While You Travel During The Holidays

The biggest travel day of the year is upon us. Families are going to pack their bags and head “over the river and through the woods.” This should be a very carefree and joyous time and with a few simple precautions it probably will be. But, remember that thieves are out to take your stuff while you are away. So, let’s remind ourselves of some tips for keeping our biggest investment safe (our homes) while we are away for the holidays. It Sure Looks Like Someone Is Home! The key to protecting … [Read more...]

Tips To Protect Your Home For the Winter

ChaoticMind75 via photopin cc This morning schools and businesses had to start late due to a winter weather advisory in which there was falling precipitation with below freezing temperatures.  Next week, the meteorologists are expecting a hard freeze in which temperatures will drop into the 20’s in the middle of the night.  No, I didn’t move to North Dakota.  I still live in Texas.  Yes!  Occasionally it will get downright cold here and we do need to protect our homes.  If you’ve been … [Read more...]

12 Days of Special Offers from Austin Steam It!

net_efekt via photopin cc We’ve all heard the song a bunch of times…”The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  But who really wants all that stuff?  What in the world would someone do with all of those birds running around?  And, I don’t really want that many “Lords a Leaping” through my house – thanks anyway!   How about a 12 Days of Christmas offer that you really want!  I am pleased to announce Austin Steam It’s 12 Days of Special Offers.  Call us at (512) 202-3808 or click to schedule on … [Read more...]

Tips For Protecting Your Home While You Travel During The Holidays

In the 1990 movie Home Alone Kevin McCallister gets left behind as the family leaves on a holiday vacation.  As he fends for himself, fighting off two would be burglars, with hilarity around every corner, Kevin’s sister Megan McCallister says to another brother, “You’re not at all worried that something might happen to Kevin?”  In which Buzz McCallister replies, “No, for three reasons:  A. I’m not that lucky.  Two, we use smoke detectors and D, we live on the most boring street in the whole … [Read more...]

Entertain This Holiday Season (And Enjoy It!)

♫“Here comes Santa Claus right down Santa Claus lane…”♫  Ok, ok – maybe not quite yet.  But, the holidays are fast approaching.  The stores are displaying all of their spookiest decorations and costumes for Halloween.  Pumpkin scented candles are filling the air and the grocery stores are stocking up on turkeys.  I have even seen some ornaments hanging proudly just waiting for a shopper to snatch them up and display them on their tree at home.  Yes – ready or not – it’s that time of the … [Read more...]