Spring Cleaning Tips For the Outside of Your Home

Spring Cleaning Austin TXIt’s almost the middle of March.  Can you believe it?  The kids are out for Spring Break and we have all sprung our clocks forward back onto Daylight Saving Time.  (Have you recovered from the time change yet?)  We now have an extra hour of daylight in the evening to get things done around the outside of our homes.  So, let’s get to it!

I’m Ready For My Close Up!

In past blogs and posts you have seen me write that the quickest and cheapest way to make the outside of your biggest investment (your home) look its very best is to pressure wash.  That is still true!  If you haven’t already had your driveway freshened up with a nice good power wash, then please start with that.  It will make a world of difference in how your home looks.  Click here for a coupon for pressure washing to get started on making your driveway look brand new.  Check out what “The Beast” (the largest pressure washer in Texas) recently did for a customer of Austin Steam It!

Pressure Washing Austin Before And After

Wow!  What a difference!

Bursts of Springtime Color!

Now, after you have your driveway free of all of the dirt, grime, and oil that can soak in over time.  Let’s look at the rest of your home and see what needs to be done.  We’ve had a long, cold winter by Texas standards here in the Austin area.  I think everyone is ready for some springtime color.  So, watch the weather forecast and make sure there aren’t any more icy days ahead.  (I don’t think any are predicted for the rest of the season so I think we may be in the clear – finally).  Then, let’s add some much needed color to your yard.  Head down to your local nursery or home improvement store and pick out some plants and flowers.  Consider the following when you are making your selections:

  • How much sunlight (direct, indirect, total shade) will the plant receive and for how many hours of the day?
  • How much water will the plant need?  Is it drought tolerant?  (Remember we are in a drought here in Central Texas).
  • How tall is the plant expected to grow and do I want that height in my space?
  • How much area does the plant need to grow and have I allowed for it in my space?
  • What type of food or fertilizer does the plant need?  Is it already included in my potting soil?

Once you have chosen your plants and flowers and know that they will work well in your space then get ready to get dirty!  Get in there and have fun digging in the dirt.  Use different colors and textures to make your garden or container garden look beautiful to you and those passing by.

Think Green in the Month of March!

Green isn’t just the color of St. Patrick’s Day during the month of March.  It is also the color your yard should start to turn back to after laying dormant all winter.  Now is the time to feed it with a good, healthy lawn fertilizer.  You also need to inspect your lawn maintenance tools (lawn mower, weed eater, etc) and make sure they are in good working condition.  They probably need a tune up by a licensed professional.

Click Here To Schedule a Pressure Wash For Your Driveway.

I hope these tips will get you into a sunny, springtime frame of mind.  It doesn’t take much to have your home, the biggest investment you will probably ever make, looking fantastic and the envy of all of your neighbors.  So, get out there and start planting.  Happy Spring!

Spring Cleaning Austin Steam It

photo credit: antonychammond

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