Spring Clean Your Outdoor Patio With Pressure Washing!

Outdoor Patio Pressure WashingTime To Step Outside!

Spring is here!  Hooray!  We have endured a really crazy winter here in the Central Texas area.  But, the sun is starting to peak out of the clouds and the warm up has started.  If you have been following my recent blogs, I have tried to give you some helpful tips on Spring Cleaning.  Now, it’s time to get your outdoor patio looking perfect so you can fire up the grill and relax in your wonderful outside space.

Ask The Professionals!

I always suggest asking a professional when trying to get a job done right.  Getting your patio in tip-top condition is no exception.  Our friend, Penny Jackson, is the owner of Penny’s Personal Touch Services here in the Austin area.  She makes sure that her client’s homes are sparkling from top to bottom.  We highly recommend her cleaning crew!

Ms. Jackson likes to keep folks informed through blogging as well.  In her latest post she discusses ways to clean up the outdoor patio area for springtime fun.  You can read her entire article here.  Let’s look at a few tips that she gives:

  • Remove – Ms. Jackson reminds us to remove things such as weeds in our gardens and old charcoal in our grills before we ever start cleaning.
  • Clean – She goes on to tell us that there are many things that need a really good scrubbing after the long winter.  Things such as:  patio furniture, grill, concrete, windows, and screens.  She also gives great tips on how to get those things really clean and sparkling.
  • Replace – Ms. Jackson then reminds us that many items simply can’t be cleaned and have to be replaced.  Now is the time to make those changes.

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How Do I Clean This Mess Up?  Cheaply!

Many of these tips are easy to do yourself.  They will take only a few minutes and will make a world of difference on your patio.  A few might require professionals and we can help!  One of the cheapest and fastest ways to make your home look wonderful on the outside is to have it professionally pressure washed!  It gets all of that dirt and grime that has built up over the seasons off and makes everything look brand new.  You will be amazed at how quickly your patio can go from drab to fresh and new again.

Check out a patio that was recently cleaned by Austin Steam It’s “The Beast” (the largest pressure washer in Texas).  A man selling his mother’s home called to see how or IF 40 year old dirt could be cleaned from a patio.  It sure can!  We were pretty pleased with the results.  What do you think?

Pressure Washing Austin Before And AfterYou see, just rinsing it off with a hose simply won’t get rid of all of the dirt, grime, oil and pollen that has soaked into and stained the concrete over the years.  You may see some of the recent dirt wash down the drain but you will probably be disappointed when the old stains remain.

Relax and Enjoy!

Now that you have had your patio professionally cleaned (don’t forget – we can get your windows sparkling too) and you have followed Ms. Jackson’s tips for getting everything else sparkling…sit back and enjoy your outdoor space.  The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and it is time to enjoy Spring!

BIG NEWS from Austin Steam It!

And, have you heard the news!!!  ”The Beast” has his own Twitter account.  Be sure and follow him at @SteamItBeast and see what all he is up to.  He is tweeting out what it is like to be so huge and all of the fun places he is going in the Austin area.  Be sure and interact with him!  He would love to see your photos of his work after he shows up to your patio or driveway and makes it beautiful!

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