Should I Power Wash My Home?

It’s springtime, and many of us are looking for that weekend to get our Spring Cleaning done. While it’s common to look around the inside of the home to see what can be better organized, don’t neglect the outside as well. It’s been out in the elements all winter and needs some love, too. That’s why it’s a great idea to add power washing your home to your normal Spring Cleaning routine.

I like to think about it like I do my car. It gets dirty from time to time, and I wash it. The same logic should be applied to your home. It’s what people first see when they come to visit and your home reflects your personality. So what goes into power washing your house?

Things to Consider When you look at the outside of your home, or your property in general, you should consider cleaning the following things:

Should I Power Wash My HomeThe Home Itself: Most exterior surfaces can be power washed, including brick, stucco, wood, and composites. Just make sure you test the power of your washer on an inconspicuous surface first to determine the amount of pressure needed to clean, but not remove paint or stucco.

The Driveway/Sidewalks: Dirt, grime, pollen, and auto fluids can build up here. Wash them away a few times a year to keep them from becoming permanent fixtures. And if you plan to fertilize your yard this Spring, don’t forget to wash those granules off your concrete surfaces quickly or they’ll leave rust-colored stains.

Decks/Patios: Your backyard surfaces are subject to the same environmental elements as the front, and you may have invested quite a bit of money on a deck or outdoor kitchen. Protect your investment and improve the allure of your backyard as you prepare for BBQ season and outdoor entertaining.

Windows: You know you hate this part, but it needs to be done as well. Take down the screens and rinse them out, then attack the windows. Just don’t take the power washer inside! Use a glass cleaner for that part, of course.

Forget the Roof: While you’re washing the house, it’s best not to try to power wash the roof. This could do more harm than good to your shingles. And if you live in the Austin area, you know you’ll need all of the shingle integrity you can get for the hailstorms we get every year.

That’s A Lot To Think About!

It sure is! But there are plenty of folks you could ask to help you. After you get organized for your basic Spring Cleaning ritual, consider hiring professionals to handle the big stuff. Some companies (such as Austin Steam It or All My Sons Window Cleaning) can even take care of just about everything – from the floors to air ducts to all of the exterior power washing. Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can enjoy more of what Spring has to offer.

Good luck, and Happy Spring Cleaning!

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