How Pressure Washing Can Improve the Look of Your Home Quickly!

Pressure Washing Austin Power Washing AustinEw!  That Home Looks Hideous!

Have you ever been looking to buy a house and you and your realtor drive up to a home, you take one look at the outside, and keep on driving?  I think we have all probably done that at one time or another.  It’s unfortunate because the home may be absolutely gorgeous on the inside but folks don’t ever see it because the outside of the home is the first impression.  And, like they say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Uh Oh!  The Outside of MY Home Doesn’t Look Too Great!

Now I’m going to ask you to do something really difficult.  Go outside (after you finish reading my blog, of course) and stand in front of your home.  Not just on the front porch – all the way out to the curb.  What would a potential buyer say about your home?  It’s hard – but try to be objective.

The truth is that the outside of our homes take a beating here in Central Texas.  We have extreme heat in the summer, we’ve been in a long drought, we’ve had some crazy wintery weather this season, and we have pollen coating the surfaces.  Now look at your driveway.  How is it looking?  Do you see oil stains and discoloring?  Very soon you are going to start seeing all of that nasty, yellow oak pollen that gets all over our cars and stains our driveways.

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How Do I Clean This Mess Up?  Cheaply!

We all take pride in our homes and want them to look their best.  But, we don’t want to spend a lot of time and money doing it.  I have great news for you.  One of the cheapest and fastest ways to make your home look wonderful on the outside is to have it professionally pressure washed!  It gets all of that dirt and grime that has built up over the seasons off and makes everything look brand new.  You will be amazed at how quickly your house goes from drab and old looking to fresh and new again.

It only takes Austin Steam It about 1 hour to professionally pressure wash the average residential driveway.  And, if you click here, you can grab a coupon to save you some money on making your driveway beautiful!

You see, just rinsing it off with a hose simply won’t get rid of all of the dirt, grime, oil and pollen that has soaked into and stained the concrete over the years.  You may see some of the recent dirt wash down the drain but you will probably be disappointed when the old stains remain.

Simply Beautiful!

After you have had your driveway professionally pressure washed, go back out to the same spot in front of your house where you stood before.  Now how does it look?  A clean driveway can make all of the difference!  If the outside of your home still needs “that little extra something,” stay tuned.  My blogs coming up next month will focus on Spring Cleaning and planting.  You may just need to add some plants when the weather warms up.  But, at least you know the outside of your home is clean!  That is the first step to making it beautiful!

BIG NEWS from Austin Steam It!

And, have you heard the news!!!  You may already know that Austin Steam It has the largest pressure washer in Texas.  But “The Beast,” which is the only name that truly fits him since he is so large, just got bigger!  How is that possible you ask?  He is now on social media!!  That’s right…”The Beast” now has his own Twitter account.  Be sure and follow him at @SteamItBeast and see what all he is up to.  He is tweeting out what it is like to be so huge and all of the fun places he is going in the Austin area.  Be sure and interact with him!

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