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The Beast Pressure WasherHow Is A “Beast” Born?

“Everything is bigger in Texas!” We’ve all heard the saying – but is it really true? In many cases it sure is. In the case of Austin Steam It’s pressure washer it is definitely true! Many of you have seen the pictures of “The Beast” on our Facebook page and “liked” it so I thought I would let you in on some details of our beloved “Beast.”

We have been doing carpet cleaning for many major restaurants for years. They are always so impressed with our work that many have asked us to clean their parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks as well. We at Austin Steam It don’t like to let our customers down and we never back down from a challenge so we started doing our homework to find out just what we would need to meet our customer’s needs.

Inside Beast Pressure WasherOnly The Best Will Do!

Over the last year we looked at many pressure washers. We looked to see what was being used on the market today. At Austin Steam It we use only the best equipment for our carpet and tile cleaning and there would be no exception with pressure washing. As we did our research into the industry, we found many pressure washers with 2000 to 2700 psi (pounds per square inch). We even found one company that went up to 3000 psi – but they didn’t use heat.

Then it hit us and “The Beast” was born! “The Beast” boasts 4000 psi with a 300 degree heat level. It has 5.1 gallons per second cleaning power. And, yes – we even bring our own water. “The Beast” holds over 400 gallons of water. I’m just going to stop and let you take all that in for a moment. That’s right – I’ll wait…
Beast Cleaning Pressure Washer

Are you back? That’s a lot of power…A lot of heat…A lot of water…And a WHOLE LOT of clean! We will only accept the very best for our clients.

“The Beast” is a Texas-sized deep cleaning machine. How do we get the largest pressure washer in Texas to and from the job you ask? Well, we couldn’t find a truck big enough to hold it! So, “The Beast” has its very own 18 foot trailer.


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Feed “The Beast!”

A “Beast” this big stays hungry! Is your driveway full of dirt and grime? We recently had a paint company say they had used paint thinner and pressure washed their driveway and still couldn’t get all the dirt and grime off of the concrete. It was no match for “The Beast.” Austin Steam It’s largest pressure washer in the state gobbled up all that dirt and had their driveway looking like new in no time. “The Beast” is always ready to show off!

Now that you know a little more about how “The Beast” works, we hope you will give us a call at (512) 202-3808 to schedule an appointment. We’ll send “The Beast” right over with our trained technicians and you can watch the largest pressure washer in Texas work its magic. After all, everything is bigger in Texas!

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