How to Select a Commercial Cleaning Service for your Business

How to Select a Commercial Cleaning ServiceAs a business owner myself, I understand how important every aspect of your business is: the products or services you sell, the people working for you, and of course, your reputation. Everything and everyone associated with your company is a representation of the company, and by extension, they are a representation of you. If you have a physical location, such as a retail store, restaurant or office, the first impression of your business your customers (and particularly your potential customers) see is where you do business. To help you make sure that impression is a clean one, I’d like to present a list of criteria you should consider when selecting a commercial cleaning service for your company.

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Tips on Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

Pictured above is an example of (a) how dirty a restaurant floor can get sometimes, and (b) what they look like after we’ve cleaned them. When you’re ready to hire a company to come into your place of business, it’s a good idea to consider these important things:

  1. Make sure they listen to your needs and requirements. They should have a clear understanding of your expectations so that your satisfaction is high from the very start of the relationship. Do a quick walk-through of your space, giving them details about all of the services you’d like for them to perform.
  2. Work out a recurring schedule that’s convenient for your company. For most businesses, this means late hours and/or weekends. Be sure that their company is properly staffed at these times and has the manpower to get the job done right.
  3. Consider a multi-service company that can handle several different tasks in one visit. For example, some businesses contract with a professional carpet cleaner for their floors, a separate company do to the air ducts, and even a third company that does windows. Some commercial cleaning services, such as Austin Steam It, can tackle all of these tasks and more. This way, only one cleaning partner is coming to your place of business, which should make things more convenient (and secure!) for you.
  4. Get a guarantee for the work they perform. Running a business is expensive enough without having to pay for services that are sub-par (or not done at all). Make sure you choose a company that does great work and guarantees your satisfaction.
  5. When everything else is equal, make sure you get a great price. If you consolidate your cleaning services with one multi-service company (see #3 above), then you can leverage all of those tasks together and get a great rate. Do some homework, get a few quotes, pick a commercial cleaning service you can depend on, then work with them to get the best service for your budget.

Let’s use Austin Steam It as an example. People primarily know us as an Austin carpet cleaner, but we also clean wood floors, tiled surfaces, air ducts, upholstery, and stainless steel. We also offer maid and general cleaning services, too. In addition, I recently started another company, All My Sons Window Cleaning, that has several commercial clients. We’ve quickly found that our commercial clients appreciate the fact that we offer so many services, and they like dealing with one cleaning partner to get everything done. We even offer a 10% competitive discount, which saves our commercial clients money on the very first engagement.

Companies, stores and restaurants want a clean place to do business and a healthy environment for their customers to enjoy while they’re there. If you own a business in the Austin area, or know someone that does, contact us today so we can show you how to keep your business clean and save money at the same time!

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