How to Clean Morning Carpet Stains: Coffee, Jelly and More

How many of us rush around every morning, trying desperately to get ourselves ready for another hectic day? You plan for many things each day, preparing yourself for work, your kids for school and even setting up activities for later in the evening. No one sets aside time for emergencies that might come up in the course of our morning routine. But in case this happens to you, I’d like to offer a few quick tips on how to clean carpet stains for some common early morning mishaps: coffee, jelly, lipstick, nail polish, and shoe polish.

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Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

How to Clean Morning Carpet StainsWe’ve always heard this said, right? But it also seems to be the fastest meal, too. And very portable. We’re either rushed to make it to where we’re going, or we’re eating/drinking while doing another activity at the same time. So we shouldn’t be surprised when we spill something on the carpet as we move between the kitchen and the bedroom during our morning rituals. Hopefully these tips will help you save your carpet while costing you just a few extra minutes of precious time.

Coffee Stains: Blot with detergent solution. Rinse, then blot with vinegar. Rinse again and let it air dry. If the stain remains, sponge with dry-cleaning solvent. Bleach the remaining stain with hydrogen peroxide. Coffee can be a very difficult stain, and in many cases can be permanent. Be sure to attack this stain quickly after the spill occurs.

Jelly Stains: Apply detergent solution and let it sit to soften the stain. Blot, then apply vinegar solution. Blot, rinse, then blot dry.

Time to “Makeup” with your Carpet

One of the biggest morning challenges is getting ourselves presentable and ready to venture out into the world around us. We don’t want everyone else to see us as we see ourselves in the mirror first thing in the morning, right? So we engage in a mad rush to look our best before we have to dart out the door and begin our day. And if in the process you drop or spill something on your carpet, maybe these tips can help you save time and hassle.

Lipstick Stains: First scrape off all you can, taking care not to spread the stain. Apply dry-cleaning solvent and blot repeatedly until the color is gone. Apply detergent solution, then blot. Apply ammonia solution, then blot. Finally, rinse and blot dry.

Nail Polish Stains: Blot acetone or non-oily nail polish remover through the stain into a clean absorbent pad. Don’t use acetone on acetate, modacrylic, silk, or wool. Instead, use amyl acetate from a pharmacy. Flush with dry-cleaning fluid and let air dry.

Shoe Polish Stains: Gently scrape off all you can, being extra careful not to spread the stain. Blot dry-cleaning solvent through the stain into a clean absorbent pad. Sponge with detergent solution, then blot. Sponge with ammonia, then rinse. If the stain remains, try alcohol, then hydrogen peroxide.

Hopefully this list will help you in your time of mini-crisis! Be sure to have the necessary ingredients and tools already on hand so you don’t waste time trying to find them. A quick list for these carpet cleaning lifesavers can be found here.

Have any other carpet problems you’d like for us to write about? Let us know in the Comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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