Decorate Your Home For The Holidays!

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Here Comes Santa Claus!

The holidays are here.  Retailers are offering low prices on this year’s hot buys.  Stores are piping carols throughout in hopes of putting shoppers in the spirit of buying.  I’ve already heard “The Twelve Days of Christmas” more than twelve times!  (And who really wants all of those birds and people for gifts anyway – just asking?)  Anyway, ready or not – the holidays are here!


Trim The Tree!

You’ve heard me say many times before that your home is your biggest investment.    The holidays are a great time to truly enjoy that investment!  This is the time of year that we decorate our homes – inside and out – and make them look beautiful.  Someone said to me the other day, “How come at Christmas I can decorate my home so nicely with all things sparkly and festive, but the rest of the year I am at a loss as to how to decorate?”  It’s funny – I think many of us are that way.  We make our homes beautiful for one portion of the year and then aren’t sure what to do the rest of the year.  Well…we’d better enjoy our decorations now then!


So, it’s time to get in the attic and pull all of those festive decorations down.  Grab all the shiny ornaments and the tangled balls of lights and start transforming your home into a showplace.  (Of course it will take you half of the day just to untangle the lights only to find out that they don’t work and you have to make a run to the store for more.)  But, once all of that is done – let the fun begin!

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There are so many options for decorating for the holidays.  Many folks decorate their homes in a very formal way while others go for a casual décor.  Others still go for a “I put lights everywhere I possibly can until I trip the breaker” approach.  No matter what your style, make it happy and festive so that you can sit back and enjoy your home for the holidays.  Here are a few ideas you might want to try:


  • Fill a container (glass, basket, etc) with brightly colored balls.
  • Cut out “snowflakes” with your kids (remember the kind you did as a child – fold the paper and make some careful cuts) and hang them in the window.
  • Make a red and green paper chain (again, it will bring back memories of your childhood) and hang it around a mirror.
  • Decorate a small tabletop tree in the kitchen using only kitchen themed ornaments or utensils.


I’ve pinned some decorating ideas on Pinterest (by the way you can follow me here).  Check it out.  You may get inspired!


Show Off Your Inner Interior Designer!

Your biggest investment is your home and you should enjoy decorating it for the holidays.  But, remember to invest time in the relationships of those around you.  Your family and friends are such an important part of the holidays.  They are the folks that we should spend time with and enjoy during this season of giving.  So, take some time to open your home to those you hold dear and show off all of your beautiful décor.   I hope you are inspired to decorate and then entertain for the holidays.  Enjoy!


Happy Holidays!

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