Tips For Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Most people know they should get their air ducts cleaned, but they don’t really know what all is involved in getting it done.  It really isn’t that difficult of a process.  But, you are allowing people into your home and you want to make sure that they are going to do the job right.  So, I thought that today we could talk about how Austin Steam It cleans air ducts.  We’ll go through the entire process so that you as a client know exactly what to expect. What Should I Expect When Having My Air … [Read more...]

Austin Area Pumpkin Patches!

It’s time to get the camera ready and head out to the pumpkin patch. You and your family will want to search and search through all of the many gourds to find your perfect carve-able pumpkin. Once you have, sit your kiddos down amongst the pumpkins and scarecrows and snap the perfect shot to share with family and friends. Fall is here! “It’s The Great Pumpkin!” So, where do you find your perfect pumpkin? There are a lot of great pumpkin patches in the Austin area. I was going to list a few … [Read more...]

Tips for Planting a Fall Garden in the Central Texas Area

Summer has officially ended and autumn has arrived. Oh sure…we live in Central Texas. We will have plenty of warm, summer-like days ahead of us. But, we are officially in fall so I thought we would turn our attention to our gardens. Do you have anything you planted in the spring that survived the summer heat? The summer wasn’t as bad this year…we had more rain and closer to average temperatures. So, your garden may have had some healthy vegetables and flowers this year. Let’s keep it going with … [Read more...]

The Holidays Are Almost Here!

I know it doesn’t seem possible but the holidays are almost here. It’s true! Think about it…there are less than 100 days until Christmas. We are in the double digits folks! That may still seem like a lot of days to shop but let’s put it in perspective. There are only 14 Saturdays left before Christmas Day. And, please remember, that’s until the actual day. You will have plenty of parties to host and family and friends gathering before then I’m sure. For example, Thanksgiving is only 10 weeks … [Read more...]

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Well, there isn’t exactly a chill in the air in Central Texas yet, but autumn is on its way.  I have heard the weather folks saying there will be a cool down soon and we should start seeing some nice temperatures outside!  I figured everyone will want to be outside enjoying those cooler temperatures – so what better time to do a little home maintenance? You’ve heard me say it many times…your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make.  Just like other investments, your home … [Read more...]

Tasty Football Tailgating Snacks (And How To Clean Them From Your Carpet!)

It’s that time of year.  Football season!  We here in Texas take our football very seriously – and our tailgating snacks are no exception.  When you’re sitting down on the couch to cheer on the Longhorns, Aggies, Cowboys, Texans, etc. you will need to have some great munchies available to snack on. Play-Action Pass the Potato Skins Please! I’m getting excited and hungry just thinking about all of the action on the field as well as in the kitchen.  So, what are your favorite tailgating snacks?  … [Read more...]

Austin Area High School Football Schedules

I know the kids don’t want to hear this…but school is back in session.  Boo!!!  But, with it comes high school football.  Yay!!!  We here in Central Texas love to cheer on the local team.  We love to watch a well completed play-action pass.  And, we really like to get into it when it comes down to that last nail-biting moment when it’s up to the kicker to make the extra point to win the game. So, I thought I would help you out by compiling links to some of the local high school football … [Read more...]

Back to School Edition: How to Clean Ink, Paint and Crayon from your Carpet

Well, parents – it’s finally here: the start of school! If you’ve been home with your children this summer, you certainly understand the joy this time of year brings. But with the beginning of each new grade, new homework challenges and projects follow your kids home. With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to clean carpet stains caused by homework related items such as ink, paint and crayons. Click Here And We’ll Get Your Carpets Ready For Back To School! Your Project is … [Read more...]

Learn More About “The Beast” – The Largest Pressure Washer In Texas

“Everything is bigger in Texas!”  We’ve all heard the saying - but is it really true?  In many cases it sure is.  In the case of Austin Steam It’s pressure washer it is definitely true!  Many of you have seen the pictures of “The Beast” on our Facebook page and you have heard me talk about “The Beast” before. But, to truly appreciate “The Beast” and his enormity you need to see him.  I urge you to schedule an appointment soon so we can come out and have your driveway and patio areas … [Read more...]

Ragweed Expected High This Season: Clean Air Ducts and Clean Carpets Can Help Austin Allergy Symptoms.

Atchoo!  It is almost time for ragweed season in the Central Texas area.  Brace yourself allergy sufferers…this ragweed season is predicted to be a bad one.  Because we have had closer to average rainfall this year as well as more moderate temperatures, the ragweed plants are growing in healthy numbers.  Just check out this local news, KVUE, video with local allergist, Dr. Howland, discussing that this could be the worst ragweed season Austin has seen in the last five years.  If you find … [Read more...]