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The Beast Pressure Washer Austin TXWe’ve Created a Social Media Monster!

As many of you know “The Beast” – Austin Steam It’s pressure washer (that happens to be the biggest pressure washer in Texas), recently got his own Twitter account!  He has been hard to live with ever since.  He now knows he is BIG TIME and very popular.  He’s having a lot of fun interacting with all of you so I asked him to be a guest blogger on my blog page.  The following is a guest blog post from “The Beast.”  Enjoy…

Allow Me To Introduce Myself.  I’m “The Beast!”

Do you know how hard it is to be the biggest pressure washer in the second largest state in the USA?  It’s hard work!  There is a lot of dirt and grime out there!  Don’t get me wrong – I love it.  I get hungry and I like to work hard.  I’ve heard it said that you should try to find a job that you love.  Well, boy did I ever do that?   I was born to do this!

Austin Steam It treats me right!  I’m a Texas-sized deep cleaning machine.  They couldn’t find a truck big enough to hold me so they gave me my very own 18 foot trailer.  It’s nice and cozy and perfect for a “Beast” like me.

I work out!  According to my owner, a lot of their customers were in need of pressure washing services but the washers out there just weren’t making the grade.  Most washers use 2000 to 2700 psi.  (That’s pounds per square inch for you humans and aren’t pressure washers).  My owners even found one company that went up to 3000 psi – but they didn’t use heat.  Austin Steam It’s clients needed something bigger and more powerful.  So, here I am.  I am strong and I don’t like dirt!  I don’t like to brag and I don’t want to make my pressure washer friends feel bad but I use 4000 psi with a 300 degree heat level.  I use 5.1 gallons per second cleaning power.  And my owners even bring their own water.  I hold over 400 gallons of water.  I guess you could say I’m bloated!

Inside Beast Pressure Washer Austin TX

Call Me! 

So, I hope that helps you to get to know me a little better.  Thank you to my owner for allowing me to guest blog.  This was fun!  I enjoy chatting with all of my followers on Twitter and I hope you will follow me.  (You can follow me on Twitter using my handle of @SteamItBeast).

Also, don’t forget how much I enjoy eating up dirt and working hard.  If you or your business has a driveway or parking lot that needs pressure washing, I am the machine for you.  I get hungry for dirt and, being so big, I need a lot of it to fill up!  Give my owner, Austin Steam It, a call at (512) 202-3808 or click the link below and schedule an appointment.  Be sure and ask for me, “The Beast!”

Pressure Washing Austin TX

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